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Tips and information for Training Companies

We have compiled important tips and information on vocational trainings for young people with disabilities.

Why do companies benefit from employees with disabilities?

Many companies have doubts about the performance of young people with disabilities and fear that they will not reap the economic benefits. This is unjustified. Young people with disabilities often bring with them a very high willingness to perform, loyalty, and special skills. Many are accustomed to solving problems in everyday life in creative ways and thus bring valuable skills with them. Provided certain conditions for the successful inclusion of learners with disabilities are met, employers can also benefit from their achievements.

Important prerequisites for companies

Barrier-free workplaces, an open corporate culture, equal opportunities, and flexible working hours are important prerequisites for companies. Accessibility means that all employees or trainees can work independently and largely without assistance. In other words, buildings should be wheelchair-accessible, and appropriate aids must be provided for people with visual or hearing impairments. The support of the disability insurance (IV) can be resorted to for the handicapped-accessible extension or reconstruction.

An open and honest corporate culture, as well as equal opportunities, are important approaches for the successful inclusion of learners with disabilities. A corporate culture that recognizes the competencies and potential of all employees and consciously promotes them rather than focusing on their deficits has a decisive influence on success.

Flexible working hours favor the employment of trainees and employees with disabilities. To prevent discrimination and thus a poor working climate, flexible working hours should be granted to all employees.

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