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Specific Advice On Including People With Physical Impairments In Agriculture Focused Programming

Inclusion of People with physical impairments in agricultural-focussed programming

  • Include people with physical impairments in all stages of program planning to ensure accessibility
  • Engage with local Organizations of People with Disabilities throughout the project cycle. They will have the best knowledge of specific accessibility challenges
  • Ensure accessibility of meeting/training areas. This includes consideration of roads, meeting areas, toilets, and available transportation options
  • Set up meeting/training areas so individuals using wheelchair, crutches, etc. can move as independently as possible
  • Allow time to rest periods in meetings/trainings (as needed).
  • Find out what useful assistive devices are needed to carry out your activity: (Adapted farm equipment, accessible boar holes etc.)
  • Allow additional time in trainings for participants to complete activities
  • Ensure participants with physical impairments are part of all activities including, including those that may be physical
  • Consider pairing or grouping ALL participants with others in program activities to support strengths and fill accessibility gaps
  • Involve community members to support whenever possible. This will not only raise awareness, but also promote the social inclusion of people with physical impairments.

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