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Parenting or adopting a child with disabilities - a journey into the unknown

According to the Uganda Bureau of Statistics, about 10% of the population of Uganda, or about 4.2 million people, have disabilities. This includes physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, and mental health conditions.

Children with disabilities in Uganda often face a number of challenges, including:

  • Lack of access to education and healthcare
  • Discrimination and stigma
  • Poverty
  • Abandonment by their families

Adoption can provide a loving and supportive home for children with disabilities who might otherwise be neglected or abandoned. It can also give them access to the education, healthcare, and other resources they need to thrive.

The process of adopting a child with disabilities in Uganda is similar to the process of adopting a child without disabilities. However, there are some additional steps that need to be taken, such as:

  • Completing a home study to assess the family's ability to care for a child with a disability.
  • Obtaining a medical clearance for the child
  • Working with an adoption agency that is familiar with the needs of children with disabilities.
a person and child standing on a wooden railing | © Light for the World A 6 year old boy doing rehabilitation exercise (Light for the World)

If you are considering adopting a child with disabilities in Uganda, there are some resources available to help you. The following are a few of these resources:

  • The Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development: This ministry is responsible for coordinating the adoption of children in Uganda.
  • The Uganda Society of Children with Disabilities: This organization provides support and advocacy for children with disabilities in Uganda. The organisation’s vision is to provide equal rights and equitable opportunities for children with disabilities through inclusive learning, and parenting.
  • The African Network for the Prevention and Protection against Child Abuse and Neglect: This organization provides training and resources to help prevent child abuse and neglect in Africa.

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